Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Henan University of Science and Technology & Study in haust

Requirements and Procedures for Overseas Students

I. Application Requirements:

1.Non-degree students 

Any foreign student who wants to learn Chinese and has a good understanding of China’s culture, who is healthy, has had formal schooling of high school level or higher, who abides by China’s laws and the general regulations of HUST can apply for admission to study here. 

2. Advanced visiting scholars 

This program is for those who have the academic credentials of the master’s degree or above and pursue special subject research under the instruction of tutors. The time for study depends on each student’s major.

3. Undergraduate 

This program is offered for those who are high school graduates with Chinese Proficiency Test-HSK Band 6 or above (for liberal arts), Chinese Proficiency Test-HSK Band4 or above (for science , engineering and medicine). The duration of this program is 4 years.

4. Postgraduate 

This program is for those who are university graduates with Chinese Proficiency Test-HSK Band 6. The recommendations from 2 professors are necessary. The duration of this program is 2 or 3 years. 


1. Any interested university, college, or community may contact the Foreign Affairs Department at HUST for further information about foreign students’ study here.

2. Applicants prepare the scan copies of passport and diploma send to our email box or mailing address.

3. The Department will mail the ADMISSION LETTER and JW202 FORM issued by the Henan Education Commission to qualified applicants. The applicant may ask for a Physical Examinations Record for Foreigners from the local travel agency or Chinese Embassy or Consulate. With the above mentioned files, he/she can apply for the X (study) visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General. Application fee is RMB400.

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